Public Safety Compliance Team

The Public Safety Compliance Team (PSCT) is the regulatory and enforcement arm of the City of Edmonton's Responsible Hospitality Edmonton initiative. It consists of support and participation by the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Fire Safety, City of Edmonton Community Standards Branch, and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Current responsibilities include licensed hospitality and entertainment Premises, venues, events and, as of March 2010, after-hours clubs and events* throughout the city. It is recognized as a multi-agency team designed to coordinate the efforts of the municipal and provincial agencies involved in the licensing, regulation and enforcement of licensed business Premises and after-hours clubs and events*.
*The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission’s jurisdiction is limited to the regulation of gaming and liquor licenses and activities authorized by those licenses.

The PSCT is both prevention and enforcement based, and strives to improve the safety of staff and patrons within the businesses and reduce the negative impact these businesses have on the quality of life for the surrounding community. Enforcement is seen as a natural consequence to sub-standard performance related to compliance or safety issues.

Designed with efficiency and consistency in mind, the PSCT exists to improve the City of Edmonton’s commitment in dealing with premises, venues and events that exist to cater to the demands of the hospitality industry; commonly known as bars, nightclubs, venues, events and after-hours clubs.