Best Bar None

Best Bar None is a voluntary accreditation program that aims to reduce alcohol-related harms by raising the operating standards of licensed premises. The program also helps to build positive relationships among the licensees, law enforcement, industry partners and community groups with a stake in Edmonton’s hospitality industry. Using a system of assessment, accreditation and awards, BBN supports nightspots in managing their establishments responsibly and helping ensure that every staff member is aware of the best practices that keep our nightspots safe.

The BBN program was developed in the U.K. to address alcohol-related crime. A 2001 British Crime Survey showed a significantly high proportion of crime was directly or indirectly related to licensed premises with poor management standards. The objective of BBN was to educate licensees and provide them with an incentive to improve their operating standards. To date, more than 100 BBN programs are operating in the U.K.

Edmonton became the first city in Canada to launch it’s own Best Bar None program with a pilot project in 2010. Jointly operated by the Edmonton Police Service, the City of Edmonton and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, the first year of the program saw 63 licensed establishments apply for accreditation, with a total of 38 becoming successfully accredited.

Now in the fourth year of the program, Edmonton is proud to be home to 57 BBN-accredited clubs, pubs and lounges who all demonstrate an enthusiastic commitment to providing a safe place to socialize in our City.

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