Edmonton Police Service

EPS (small)Edmonton Police Service works with business owners, patrons and residents to help mitigate the impact of the late-night economy on the surrounding community.

Community Policing

The City of Edmonton’s Beat Officer program is an internationally highly renowned policing program. Two teams of eight officers and a sergeant are on duty Wednesday through Saturday alternating day shift and night shift which ends at 4:00 am. Officers are on foot patrol or bicycles throughout the evening supplemented by a vehicle patrol. Originally started in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood, the program has been replicated and integrated in other emerging hospitality zones throughout the city.

Beat Officer area responsibilities are aligned to maximize contact with businesses and adjacent residents.

Community constables have a system of notifications through phone messages or e-mail for crimes that impact businesses.

Community Police Radio Network (CPRN) partners with EPS to patrol hospitality destinations on weekends and has been particularly effective in catching graffiti taggers in the act.

Agent Status

“Agent Status” authorizes all police officers to act as agents pursuant to the Trespass to Premises Act and the Petty Trespass Act. As an authorized representative, any police officer may issue and enforce bans against any person who, in their sole discretion, is determined to be a trespasser on the property, and to affect their purpose, are further authorized to enter onto any portion of the property.

In order to assist EPS with identifying locations as having designated Agent Status, business owners display a sticker (supplied by the EPS) in a place open to public view.

The authorization to ban or enforce bans is in effect 24 hours/day.