On Canada Day, 2001, several thousand revelers ended up on Whyte Avenue and created havoc on the street. Concern about this issue and other problems in the Whyte Avenue area prompted the creation of the Old Strathcona Task Force made up of representatives of the hospitality industry, businesses, residents and City services.

During its research, the task force made contact with the Responsible Hospitality Institute and decided to join this organization and use its plans and procedures in Edmonton. The RHI Process (developed by the Responsible Hospitality Institute), is a proven structured process of planning, managing and policing hospitality destinations. This process has been successfully implemented in other municipalities with similar issues/concerns with respect to the hospitality industry staying strong and vital while being a contributing factor to the life of the overall community.

In April 2007, Responsible Hospitality Edmonton was launched.

RHE is working with many interest groups towards a common mission of creating safe and vibrant places for people to socialize.