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The following links provide the opportunity to learn about the complexity and interrelatedness of issues surrounding the management of the late-night hospitality industry:

Facts & Figures

Edmonton City Council Reports

Venue Safety

Public Safety Compliance Team Member Agencies

Edmonton Police Service http://www.edmontonpolice.ca/

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

Fire Rescue Services

City of Edmonton Community Services

Alcohol Service

Liquor Service

The AGLC’s  Liquor Laws & You is an operating guide for licensed premises in Alberta.

The AGLC’s Liquor License Handbook provides the requirements for operating a licensed premises within the province of Alberta.

The City of Edmonton’s website provides information regarding applying for a business license for a hospitality business.

The City of Edmonton’s Business License Change Notice Document  outlines changes that were made to the business license renewal application process in 2012.

The Control Plans Template for Alcohol Sales – Minors Prohibited Business Licenses contains templates for bar owners who are applying for the Alcohol Sales: Consumption on Premise Minors Prohibited Business License. As a requirement of getting their license, bar owners need to submit the following:

Good Neighbour Obligations for Alcohol Sales for Licensed Establishments
This brochure outlines obligations and requirements for licensed established to follow within their respective communities.

Best Bar None

Best Bar None is a voluntary program, operated by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, City of Edmonton, and Edmonton Police Service that aims to reduce alcohol-related harms by raising the operating standards of licensed premises as well as building positive relationships among the licensees, law enforcement, industry partners and community groups.

Staff Training

ProTect Security Staff Training is an AGLC training program for security staff working in licensed premises in Alberta.

ProServe is an AGLC industry-led training program for all staff involved in the sale and service of liquor in licensed premises.

Responsible Hospitality Institute

Responsible Hospitality Institute

RHI provides resources to facilitate cooperation and consensus building among key stakeholders to maximize economic, employment and social benefits of hospitality and tourism while reducing risks to public safety and impacts on the quality of life of residents.

Research & Resources

Purple Flag Program
This U.K. based accreditation program recognizes excellence in the management of town and city centres at night. Purple Flag aims to raise standards in managing entertainment destinations, and improve the quality of towns and cities at night.

Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm in Canada: Toward a Culture of Moderation
This National Alcohol Strategy is a comprehensive, collaborative strategy that provides direction and recommendations to reduce alcohol-related harm. It proposes renewed efforts in health promotion, prevention, treatment, and enforcement.

Assaults in and Around Bars – 2nd Edition
This guide deals with the problem of assaults in and around bars, and offers a practical method for analyzing issues and implementing solutions.

Addressing Street Level Social Issues
Taking a community approach to addressing street-level social issues including drug dealing, prostitution and homelessness.

Alcohol and Crime – Taking Stock
This review draws on information from the academic, health and policing fields to explore the links between alcohol and crime, and to suggest methods which might reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder.

Good Practice in Managing the Late Night Economy
Written by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister in London, UK.

Managing and Designing out Crime and Disorder in Licensed Premises
A practical guide to designing and managing safer licensed establishments.