Responsible Hospitality Edmonton is part of the Housing and Economic Sustainability Branch of the City of Edmonton’s Sustainable Development Department.

RHE is comprised of two distinct, yet complimentary programs: the Public Safety Compliance Team  and the Street-as-a-Venue Program. The PSCT works primarily inside of venues and the Street-as-a-Venue works primarily outside of venues.

The Public Safety Compliance Team (PSCT) is the multi-agency, regulatory and enforcement arm of Responsible Hospitality Edmonton. PSCT consists of support and participation by the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Fire Safety, City of Edmonton Community Standards Branch, and the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. PSCT strives to improve the safety of staff and patrons within licensed hospitality and entertainment premises, venues, events, and after-hours clubs and events throughout the city. They also strive to reduce the negative impacts these businesses have on the quality of life for the surrounding community.

The Street-as-a-Venue Program treats hospitality destinations as a single entertainment venue or event, making it easier to coordinator support services and programs required for smoother operation. SAV coordination is about mitigating the impacts of the night-time economy on neighbouring residents and daytime businesses.

Responsible Hospitality Edmonton has four staff positions: