Garbage is always an issue for a large city, and requires special attention in late-night hospitality zones. Often the garbage cans are already nearly full after a full day’s use. Additional use by night-time patrons would overflow the already full garbage cans. In order to serve both the day and night-time users, the following services have been initiated for managing garbage in Edmonton’s hospitality zones:

Cigarette Butts

Ashtrays are available outside most licensed established located within Edmonton’s major entertainment destinations. The next time you butt out your cigarette, look for an ash tray or put the cigarette out and throw it into a garbage bin.

Cigarette litter is the largest contributor to small litter in Edmonton. In fact, cigarette butts account for 35 percent of all litter on city streets, according to Capital City Clean Up’s 2011 Litter Audit.

Despite what many think, cigarette butts do not biodegrade and can take from one to 12 years to breakdown. Cigarette butts also pollute streets, sidewalks and green spaces.

Those who are seen improperly disposing of cigarette butts can face a $250 fine.


The City of Edmonton has adopted a multi-departmental approach to address graffiti in the Whyte Avenue and Jasper Avenue areas: