Street-as-a-Venue Program

The Street-as-a-Venue program (SAV) is the community liaison and city services arm of the City of Edmonton’s Responsible Hospitality Edmonton (RHE) program.

SAV coordination is about managing the other 9 to 5 (9 pm to 5 am) to mitigate the impacts of the night-time economy on neighbouring residents and day-time businesses in adjacent areas. The program treats an entire hospitality destination as a single entertainment venue or event, making it easier to coordinate support services and programs required for a smoother operation of the late-night hospitality industry.

The Street-as-a-Venue program recognizes that in areas with a significant concentration of licensed premises, there are impacts to the community that are often due to a lack of services that are customarily provided during the day or for large events. These impacts are beyond the direct control of the nightlife businesses themselves. Examples of impacts include public urination, littering, aggressive behaviour, and late-night transportation issues. The Street-as-a-Venue program works with various city departments, provincial agencies, and other service providers to coordinate programs and services that help to minimize these community impacts.

Solutions and services have included: installation of amenities such as ashtrays, public toilets, garbage receptacles, street and alley lighting, and pedestrian crossings. Programs have included graffiti removal, mural installations and vibrancy initiatives such as SOS Music Festival, alley art projects, food trucks, and patron responsibility campaigns.

The Street-as-a-Venue Program is prevention and collaboration-based. It strives to improve the vibrancy, attractiveness, and safety within a late-night entertainment area through provision of effective and efficient operational services and appropriate infrastructure.

These efforts have reduced the negative impact that late-night businesses have on the quality of life for the surrounding community, and significantly reduced complaints regarding the impact of the late-night economy.