PSCT Enforcement

Responsible Hospitality Edmonton and the Public Safety Compliance Team takes your role as a licensed hospitality and entertainment premises, venue, event, after-hours club and/or event very seriously. Your positive contributions to the City’s established or emerging hospitality destinations are vital. Evaluation and recommendations are given on a case-by-case basis with substantial collaboration and transparency.

The PSCT uses various tools to support its work.

PSCT Venue Visits

The PSCT selects premises for joint agency attendance and inspection based on a number of factors including complaint information, past history, special events and location. The objective of these visits is to build relationships and ensure that licensed premises are complying with regulatory standards. For more information regarding what you can expect during your inspection, please visit PSCT Venue Visits.

Meetings with Premises Owners

When needed, the PSCT holds meetings with premises owners and management, building owners, and EPS representatives relating to specific concerns or incidents. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss issues and concerns from all perspectives, and to support responsible business management decisions. The meetings also provide a chance to encourage best practices through recommendations to the premises owners or management. By working collaboratively in this way, PSCT can help businesses have a greater awareness of the footprint they have in their community, so that they in turn can ensure more intelligent and responsive management. Examples include:

Business License Review Request

Business Licence Review Requests are developed by the PSCT and submitted to the City of Edmonton’s Chief Licensing Officer when all efforts to improve licensed premises management and its resulting community footprint have not materialized. These requests may ask for conditions to be added to the business licence, suspension of the business licence or cancellation of the business licence.

If you have any questions, please contact the PSCT Coordinator at 780-421-2832 or .