Late Night Transportation

Late-night integrated transportation is a strategic mindset rather than a program. Late-night integrated transportation follows a comprehensive approach to providing safe travel to and from hospitality destinations for both patrons and employees during hours when it is needed.*

Late-night transportation is an essential element of safe and vibrant late-night economies. In Edmonton, public transit currently ends by 1:30 am. However, with last call at 2 am and bars closing at 3 am, many patrons and staff of the hospitality industry are not able to avail themselves of public transit to get home. This leaves patrons and staff with few options for timely and safe egress. Taxis are an option, however the demand for cabs outweighs the supply, and this shortage is even more pronounced on busy nights or in poor weather conditions. While walking home is an option for people who live in the immediate vicinity of a hospitality destination, it is an unrealistic option for many.

In order to test the feasibility of late-night transit in Edmonton, the City of Edmonton ran a 16-week pilot project titled “Night Ride” in 2012. The pilot was successful; and laid the groundwork for City Council to approve a more robust year-long pilot beginning in September, 2015.

The late night service will run 5 core routes, until 3 am, 7 days a week. The five proposed routes, which will run on 30-minute frequency intervals are:

If you would like more information regarding current late-night transportation services in Edmonton, please visit our transportation page for patrons.

*Information courtesy of Responsible Hospitality Institute’s Planning, Managing and Policing Hospitality Zones – A Practical Guide