Responsible Hospitality Edmonton is a policy and service-focused office within the City of Edmonton’s corporate structure. RHE is comprised of two sections: the Public Safety Compliance Team and the Street-as-a-Venue Program.

RHE’s work centres around supporting the six core elements of hospitality destinations:

To do this, our three main areas of focus are:


RHE manages the impacts of two of the busiest hospitality zones in the city – Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona and Jasper Avenue. “Street-as-a-Venue” (SAV) is a program that treats these zones as a single entertainment venue or event. This makes it possible to coordinate efforts to improve the overall atmosphere and services of each area.

SAV work also includes Patron Responsibility campaigns that encourage patrons to behave responsibly while having fun. These campaigns have addressed subjects including jaywalking, noise, fighting, and public washrooms.

Public Safety Compliance

The Public Safety Compliance Team (PSCT) works directly with owners and operators of licensed facilities and events, as well as after-hours clubs and events, to ensure a safe environment for patrons, staff and the community. PSCT provides preventive and educational advice and promotes responsible management practices. PSCT is a multi-agency team made up of the Edmonton Police Service, Edmonton Fire Rescue Service, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, and the City of Edmonton Community Standards Branch.

City-wide initiatives

RHE works closely with a variety of partners, including within the City of Edmonton, to provide advice and support on a number of issues. Key examples include:

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